How To Build And Launch A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Video Training

How to build a successful crowdfunding campaign

Hello and welcome to “How to build a successful crowdfunding campaign” video training.

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We love crowd funding and innovative startup ideas. We love to share our knowledge. We were taught a lot of things when we were coming up in this industry, and we just feel like we love to give back.

We love to help ideas flourish, and we especially love to help someone look good in the environment they’re in, and advance their startup from idea to market realization. And if we can be part of that process then that really makes us feel good inside, and we are really, really hopeful that the course that you’re watching will bring significant value to the success of your crowdfunding campaign.

I recommend if you are interested in crowdfunding your project, to watch the entire course, and really anyone who’s genuinely interested in this brand new way to jump start your project should watch. No experience is required to watch this course. All you need to bring is genuine interest in crowd funding and startup industry in general.

1) What is Crowdfunding?
2) Advantages of Crowd funding
3) Disadvantages of Crowdfunding
4) Questions to ask yourself when considering Crowdfunding
5) Ways to Crowdfund
6) Main Components of a CrowdFunding Campaign
7) What makes a Crowdfunding campaign successful
8) Launching your Crowdfunding campaign
9) How to Prepare Your Crowdfunding Project
10) Perfecting Your Crowdfunding Video
11) The landing page (first page) of your Crowdfunding campaign
12) Last words of advice

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