The ability to communicate in any sized group with every single person is a pipe dream. The amount of information, data and ideas would inevitably wreak havoc on the group members and cause the communication to lose value rather than increase it. Although if a hub and spoke pattern is used primarily in one-way communications, a sizeable group of people could receive large amounts of information from a single source. Yet, once there is material and need for two-way communication, that model disintegrates quickly.  Small group can manage a person to person pattern, although the longer the communication lasts, the more likely it will break.

Crowd Driven Communication in Crowdfunding groupsThe interesting thing about networked crowds is the natural way they form structural patterns, creating an organic and fluxuating balance between the needs of the participants to communicate actively and integrate with other groups. Within any networked crowd, the most important portion is the affinity group. This small group of individuals is defined as those with similar interests or motivations and responsible for getting information and exposure the larger crowd and maintaining a level of higher intelligence of the information.

These affinity groups draw in all thoughts and opinions of an even larger populations of observations and critiques and transmit those with merit to the network at large,  without prejudices toward market controls of information flow. They are also considered amplifiers, so that the mechanism of crowdsourcing can be used to expand the reach of honest and accurate information. Their ability to examine the credibility, timeliness and source of information is a prime element of affinity groups and allow them to be instrumental, if not completely necessary, to the crowdsourcing movement.

This is an age of sharing, in a population that is highly more involved than previously in what and how they consume everything.

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