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Crowdfunding Project This project provides a landscaping service as well as establishing a recycling system devoted to recycling research as well as practical applications in reproducing various items and materials from recyclable materials.
About Yourself I am an 8 year business owner in developing web sites as well as graphics art. I started this business after completing my service in the US Army and am now out venturing into new businesses that not only provide a service to people but also improve the environment for everyone.
What would you like to create? My goal with this project is to turn itself into a full blown business with 21 active accounts ready for me to start at this very second. From that, I will deploy numerous projects in recycling research and development for recyclable materials and putting to use, the things we toss in the dump on an everyday basis.
What rewards would you offer? The rewards for investing in this project will come with a 20% ROI. Every month, all profits made will be divided amount the investors and paid out every month until your initial investment and 20% return are paid in full. Estimated time for ROI maturity is 6-9 months.
I Will Be Paying Back Private Investors With: Company Loan
Where can we find out more about you and your project? There is currently no website in place for this project. I am still developing it at this time. Once my funding goal has been reached, I will purchase all equipment that is currently on hold for my purchase and the website for this project should be complete within 2 weeks of that time.
Project Deadline 09/30/20122012
Funding Goal ($US) $5.000 – $10.000
Project Budget The project budget needed in order to purchase all scouted equipment (currently being held waiting for me to purchase) is $7,000. There are 21 active accounts also on standby so there is GUARANTEED ROI starting the following month of business project start! As the project grows, the quicker your investment will be paid off and in full.
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