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Crowdfunding Project: Every clothing company has its own definition of sizes and very few address the actual body shape. Fitdirect addresses that problem with patented technology.
About Yourself Cricket Lee, CEO, founder and a marketing visionary, first mover product development, and launch specialist, is now galvanizing women to help her lead fit standardization into the global apparel marketplace through Fitlogic®, a patented and trademarked system to standardize fit in the apparel industry inside a Cricket Lee brand of apparel. She has spent the last nine years on development, retail testing and market entry strategies to witness her passion turn into a reality by working with the science underneath the art of fashion, building consumer confidence, enhancing consumer loyalty for solution adopters, and returning fun to shopping.Cricket has been lauded for this most recent venture as the women to take on the fashion industry and has been featured on the Today Show twice, the cover of Wall Street Journal, The New York Times thrice, Fox, Redbook and many others. She holds world patents, a National Addy, and over 72 awards for creative excellence in advertising.

In the past, she has created and launched several successful programs for a variety of companies, including, JCPenney, Ford Models, Ralph Lauren, Saks 5th Avenue, and British Airways. She was the first to create the concept of putting fitness programs into infomercials with Susan Powter, created the first ever all natural bath, hair and skin care backed by Caroline Hunt, and invented pet jewelry with the mentorship of Stanley Marcus.

What would you like to create? We will identify your fit symbol by analyzing your Fitfinder questions. We have updated our process. You will be required to fill out the short questionnaire before you buy.
As we apply all of the key learnings of our years of development to your signature body size and shape, we want to make sure that we give you a certified final fit.This means we will not give you your final size and shape in Fitlogic® until we are certain we have identified your forever fit (after you have your pant and are 100% satisfied). Since it is our job to monitor it in the market-place, we become the Seal of Approval for your personal fit and that takes special attention to detail. Once you have your fit, you will be sent wallet cards with your Fitlogic® stats. One for you, and one for your partner! Now anyone can shop for you!
During mass retail tests and field trials, Fitlogic® has been proven to fit 95% of all women. Once you have your Fitlogic® size and shape symbol, you can shop with confidence whenever you see the Fitlogic® label… knowing you’ll get the same fit every time!
95% of women scientifically fall into one of these three shapes below.
You can go through the Fitfinder™ whenever you like, and we will store the information, but it is required to complete now to purchase a pair of pants.
What rewards would you offer? If $500 is invested, we will offer $50 gift certificate at
If $2000 is invested, we will offer a free custom pair of pants
I Will Be Paying Back Private Investors With: Company Loan
Where can we find out more about you and your project? Go to and look under the media tab
Project Deadline 08/28/20122012
Funding Goal ($US) $20.000+
Project Budget To date FitLogic has raised over $1.2M from friends, family and most importantly satisfied customers. This money has been raised both through the sale of common stock and loans to the company.
The funds will be used exclusively to support the launch of our product on QVC. The agreement with QVC is in place, our final action is to finish production of the QVC programming. That requires approximately $300,000. With these funds secured, we intend to launch via QVC in late September 2012. In addition, since we only offer women’s clothing at the moment, we are selling at women’s professional events as well to generate revenue that supports the day to day operations.
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