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Crowdfunding Project: Bring painting en plein air into the streets of NY State to familiarize the crowds with creating visual art
About Yourself Greta Corens: As a fashion designer I was acutely aware of developing trends. As a painter I realize that art trends towards democratic enjoyment and collaboration or involvement of people. My goal is to create a clientele amongst my followers and start up an art studio
What would you like to create? I challenge official City Hall or County restrictions or prohibitions on artists putting an easel outdoors where and when they see fit. I want to create art tourism for communities in the NY Metropolitan area as artists create outdoor visual arts activities whereby the public interacts with fine art development
What rewards would you offer? Thank you for believing in my project and putting money where your heart is
$50: I will mail you a print of a signed limited edition drawing
$100: Print of a a signed limited edition watercolor painting
$250: One 9×12 giclee print on paper of a watercolor signed
From $250 to $450: One 16×20 giclee print signed limited edition
$500-$950: watercolor flower
$1,000-$4,550: watercolor or pastel portrait of 1 model from photograph
$5,000-10,000: Oil Painting in studio from life model
$10,000-20.000: Oil Painting with background in home of model
I Will Be Paying Back Private Investors With: Product or Service
Where can we find out more about you and your project? The idea is brand new. To allow this project into existence and give the required permits is under discussion with the City of Peekskill NY. I will keep you posted of my progress with other communities as well.
Project Deadline 10/14/20122012
Funding Goal ($US) $5.000 – $10.000
Project Budget No other sources of funding at this time exist.
COST PROJECTION PART I: July 1 to October 14 2012 TOTAL: $10,000
ARTIST FEE: 4 months 4,000
1. Watercolors
2. Watercolor paper and pads
3. Oil paints
4. Brushes
5. Linen canvas
6. Stretchers
7. Gesso and other priming materials
8. Pens, Inks, Graphite, Charcoal
9. Drawing pads
10. Large Cutting board
Film development 300
1. Large Easel 1,000
2. Mini Boom Kit 220
3. 2 Large Tables and 2 chairs 200
4: Rental deposit studio 800
Gas $40×3 (weekly expeditions)x 4 months 480
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