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Crowdfunding Project: An online platform that helps people reduce their energy consumption and save money.
About Yourself Tyler is originally from Malibu, California, attended high school in Switzerland before attending Bentley University, where he obtained a degree in Marketing. He started Saving Power in 2009 and has been working on it every since.
What would you like to create? I want to turn Saving Power into an online platform where people can interact with it in a game-like setting. My goal is something of a hybrid between Inhabitat.com and Second Life. I want to build something that allows environmentally conscious people to interact with each other, teach people about the benefits of saving power, and ultimately create a more efficient standard of living for Saving Power’s users.Now the project has secured deals with 3rd party companies to sell their products and is looking to evolve into a much more effective online resource.
What rewards would you offer? $25 – Your name will be included in the Honorary Founders section of the website
$50 – Your name will be included in the press release and added to the Honorary Founders section of the website
$100 – Your own personalized avatar (to use when you are navigating the site)
$1000 – % equity in the company and % of quarterly profits
I Will Be Paying Back Private Investors With: Company Shares
Where can we find out more about you and your project? www.savingpower.com
Project Deadline 08/31/20122012
Funding Goal ($US) $10.000 – $20.000
Project Budget 10k- Website Development (I have a developer ready to go, and design mock ups of what the site will look like)
5k- Marketing budget (2.5k Facebook Ads, 2.5k Google Adwords)
2k – SEO (Need to capitalize on valuable keywords)
2k – (2 year budget – monthly expenses) Hosting, CRM (constant contact), PR deck, Credit card processing, Wildcard Domain names.
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