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Crowdfunding project: We promote artists, diversity, and cultural interpretation.
About Yourself I’m a graduate student starting my PhD this fall in historical ecology. I work for an environmental non-profit and am the sole mastermind behind the website design of me and my business partner’s online art gallery—Metropolis Galleries.
What would you like to create? My business partner and I would like to create an online and storefront-based art gallery and supply store that becomes a brand. We want to provide an avenue for local, regional, and national artists to have a home for their art where it can be appreciated, while we simultaneously expand the name “Metropolis Galleries” to encompass other forms of art, such as music, film, and the like. We want to eventually expand to an international audience where we can open a chain of store locations that can cater to our artists and affiliates on a more local level.
What rewards would you offer? For every donor to provides us with $100 or more invested into our company/project, we will provide free affiliate/advertising space on our website indefinitely. This would include free marketing/publication with all of our social networking and street promotions campaigns.
I Will Be Paying Back Private Investors With: Product or Service
More about me and my project: Galleries:


Project Deadline 08/01/2012
Funding Goal ($US) $10.000 – $20.000
Project Budget $4000 for complete professional website overhaul
$7500 for storefront rental and office furniture
$2500 for marketing/events promotions/publications
$2000 to transfer business registration from NV to OR
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