Crowdfunding Great Startups!

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    Crowdfunding? Know The Good and Bad

    The Good -Receiving free money to help fund your venture is always nice. -Independence from investors in which have a controlling hand in businesses abroad. -Creating a buzz for yourself through your products or ideas. -Getting people emotionally involved in what you do.  Creating that comradely and     making fans feel like they are a part […]

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    Landscaping Service

    Crowdfunding Project This project provides a landscaping service as well as establishing a recycling system devoted to recycling research as well as practical applications in reproducing various items and materials from recyclable materials. About Yourself I am an 8 year business owner in developing web sites as well as graphics art. I started this business […]

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    HR Management Software

    Crowdfunding Project: HRS2 is creating a highly advanced software solution to manage all aspects of human resources and payroll for small and mid-sized businesses. Increased efficiency, decreased personnel costs and increased funds available for growth and expansion – That’s the HRS2 Software Solution. About Yourself I have over 13 years of experience in Human Resources […]

  • Cutting Laser Machines Purchase

    Crowdfunding Project I have a small cutting laser machines company in Brazil, we have a great market for this kind of machines, After year working on development now I have good product and the demand for is really huge. I just need investment to produce the machines. About Yourself I am an enthusiast of science […]

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    Same Fit Every Time!

    Crowdfunding Project: Every clothing company has its own definition of sizes and very few address the actual body shape. Fitdirect addresses that problem with patented technology. About Yourself Cricket Lee, CEO, founder and a marketing visionary, first mover product development, and launch specialist, is now galvanizing women to help her lead fit standardization into the […]

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    Wonderful World Of Cakes

    Crowdfunding Project: You can’t buy happiness but you can buy dessert. And that’s kinda the same thing. About Yourself Growing up in a home with a mom who loved (and still does) all things sweet, it’s easy to see how I’ve ended up here. Mom always had something sweet on the counter and decided to […]

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    Painting into the streets of NY

    Crowdfunding Project: Bring painting en plein air into the streets of NY State to familiarize the crowds with creating visual art About Yourself Greta Corens: As a fashion designer I was acutely aware of developing trends. As a painter I realize that art trends towards democratic enjoyment and collaboration or involvement of people. My goal […]

  • Spray-On Solar Glass

    Crowdfunding Project: An online platform that helps people reduce their energy consumption and save money. About Yourself Tyler is originally from Malibu, California, attended high school in Switzerland before attending Bentley University, where he obtained a degree in Marketing. He started Saving Power in 2009 and has been working on it every since. What would […]

  • Online Art Gallery

    Crowdfunding project: We promote artists, diversity, and cultural interpretation. About Yourself I’m a graduate student starting my PhD this fall in historical ecology. I work for an environmental non-profit and am the sole mastermind behind the website design of me and my business partner’s online art gallery—Metropolis Galleries. What would you like to create? My […]

  • Western Personnel in China

    Crowdfunding Project: Be The First Western Personnel Employed in China Companies About Yourself An westerner living in Hong Kong for 10-years and the ability to see luctrative new market niches What would you like to create? A manpower-recruiter firm focusing on delivering western talent into China companies with no previous experience employing western talent. In […]

  • Home Renovation Magazine

    Crowdfunding Project: Highly engaging, colorful and well designed magazine publication & online website showcasing the finest home renovation and remodeling companies in Dallas, Houston, Austin/San Antonio and Oklahoma City. About Yourself Business owner of a commercial construction company for 12 years; as well as an entrepreneur wanting to develop a full advertising and marketing firm […]

  • Timeless Collection

    HERMEL ROTLED — it is the adventure of two designers … Camille grew up in New York and has worked in the collections of many famous houses. Valerie managed for several years the women’s collections for a large design house in France. Today, we have chosen to combine our talents and experiences to concretise all […]

  • Green, Low Cost Home

    X-House has a goal to provide an indestructible, green, low cost home for people across the globe. Billy Guidry is a man on a mission to change the world, for the better. He does not get involved in any project, unless it can BETTER the human being. $30,000 will go to getting all necessary materials […]

  • Publishing Platform

    We are approaching development on our own proprietary web application, a platform for publishing the work of independent authors virally. Each piece of work will exist as a free-standing website and will make use of the platform’s extensive social reading network, allowing readers and authors to communicate directly through the text itself. This social layer […]

  • MyAcademicProgram

    The Student MAP is a comprehensive college management solution providing all-in-one access to personalized course schedules, course materials, and auto-generated study guides; for the first all-in-one collaboration tool for the next generation student. MAP provides the student with everything they need to be successful in their college career. Putting assignment management, eBooks, eResources, Notes, Study […]

  • Cupcake Shot

    My patent pending method puts alcohol into cupcakes after baking so it’s literally like taking a shot! I am the creator of the FIRST ever cupcake shot! I am a 26 year old female entrepreneur from Cleveland Ohio. I have been operating Auts Tipse Treats since August 2011. I am looking to open the first […]

  • Crowd Model

    CrowdModel is a modeling agency that provides support to individuals through enlisting the attention, cooperation, and monetary support (thus, the crowd part of the term “crowdmodel”) to bring new and unknown wannabe models (the model part of the term) to modeling catwalk. Similar to America’s Next Top Model reality TV show in which a number […]

  • Search Engine Reader

    Search Engine Reader is about creating Google and Yahoo search results data reader and manipulator, which allows you to run simultaneous search, against multiple search engines and then analyze the combined results. The goal is to improve the quality of the information gathered by providing advanced search on the aggregated results, and speed up the […]

  • Polymniality

    An online dating website that leverages patent-pending technology to match individuals based on their innate musical preferences. What Is Polymniality? The Greek muse Polymnia was charged with the responsibility of musical inspiration. Her mythological reign over sacred hymns and song contributed to the renaissance of Ancient Greece. Even today, our favorite music can seemingly transcend […]

  • The First Educational Software Program

    Pitch EduStruct is the first educational software program that integrates social media directly into the classroom while syncing it with other educational tools. The Founder Mr. Bavisotto graduated from Buffalo State University with his degree in Social Studies Education. Teaching was a passion for Mr. Bavisotto, but an uncertain job market led him into a […]

  • Anti-Groupon Website

    We educate businesses why 50% off deals empty their wallets. So far, we created an Anti-groupon calculator found at Numbers don’t lie. We’d like to launch a fun and engaging Consumer Rewards Social Media Website where consumers can communicate with Local Merchants nationally, and download free Rewards vouchers. At Qoggo, we support local businesses, […]